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Don't forget to read the rules, F. I wrote A world for two and I opened my Tumblr. BTS Reaction to you passing out at a party // Admin Tae Aug 24, 2017 · Being married to Min Yoongi would include / Estar casada con Min Yoongi incluiría : Awaken the attraction of Min yoongi every morning. 2) -When he finds out that you used to self harm. biases are Taehyung and Yoongi, biaswrecker literally every other member. but he tried to make the most of it. 7 Ch. you'll be seeing more works of poly fics, a relationship consisting of more than one partner ♡. The two eventually broke up because of this. T. enigma (34/?) despite having two loud-mouth best friends and a confident older brother by her side, y/n has never been a very outgoing person. No matter how many times he called you, nothing could make up for kissing that girl. 🌟 2016 BTS Live On Stage: Epilogue ~ Japan Edition ~ - Link. ,,You don’t get it. Crush drunkly dry-humping them. You hate him. Request: Can you do a reaction about you now you and bts members have relationship but anyone know and one day they found the paparazzi you hold his hand you now as a couple and witch is gonna de their reaction (sorry for my English ) It’s completely okay, I got it (its actually really cute) sorry for the delayed reaction though :) Jin: Originally posted by jjilljj Completely unfazed by Apr 22, 2018 · filed under: #bts imagine #bts reactions #bts x reader #bts #bangtan #bangtan reaction #bangtan boys #kpop #kpop imagines #kpop reactions #bangtan sonyeondan #reader #mine #bangtan x reader #something is seriously wrong with tumblr again #the format keeps getting messed up #idk why #I'll try to look into it soon #but just so you know #if it But jin, he is a smart and loving guy, he would hate seeing you cry so he would do everything to make you happy. Jin: Jin had a pretty successful day. Work hard and do well but remember to get some sleep and eat well and listen to good music and take it slow sometimes and make sure you're happy. pairing: yoongi x reader. I don’t think so, because we saw the Behind the scenes-video and they were filming Jin quite a lot. plz be aware this is my first time posting under this format. You sobbed into the pillow next to you, as your phone beside you buzzed. As you wash the dishes with Jin, he has this moment Sep 21, 2017 · bts scenario bts scenarios bts imagine bts imagines bts x reader jin x reader yoongi x reader hoseok x reader namjoon x reader jimin x reader taehyung x reader jungkook x reader bts masterlist masterlist i just wanted to make a mobile master list my dudes i'll also start leaving the link to the list in every reaction i post and i'll edit my Request #34. So, if any of you have any suggestions, requests, criticisms or even if you just want to talk to me, please never hesitate to drop me a message. Even when you became older it still felt like you would only meet him when you’re 56. BRING THE SOUL: DOCU-SERIES Ep2 . kpop-additions bts female addition bts 8th meember au bts female member addition namjoon rm seokjin jin suga yoongi j hope hoseok hobi jimin taehyung tae v jungkook yuri. 1-3 Pt. The calls continued to attack your phone for hours until all of a sudden, they stopped. luna. 🌟 The WINGS Tour in Seoul (2017) - Link. BTS Reaction To Their S/O Saying ‘I Hate You’ In An Argument . He hands you your dress, then steps back and removes his hoodie and trackpants, revealing a smart-looking tuxedo. 315 Posted 3 years ago #bts #bts imagines #bts scenarios #bts texts #bts fake texts #bts fake chats #bts social media #bts social media au #bts au #bts jung hoseok #bts hoseok #bts jhope #jung hoseok #hoseok #jhope #jhope imagines #jhope texts #jhope social media au #jhope au Apr 01, 2020 · bts reaction: s/o begging during sex ☾. ” a blush crept up your neck as you shook your head, “jin no…” “shush, princess,” jin bit down onto the BTS Reaction - Handling making the relationship public with a black woman a/n: this took me forever to write, I hate having to think about negative things like this :( but the end result is my first real attempt of making angst, let me know what you think! Sep 25, 2017 · Would be open to the possibility of daiting someone older than them, but would like someone younger, because they would like taking care of someone ,because it made them feel manly and reliable. It was just me in the apartment as Jimin was Jun 14, 2018 · Hellu hellu , i read some of your fake texts and i absolute love them , i thought of requesting a y/n namjoon text with y/n wanting to buy a pup and asks namjoon for help to choose one (imagine they live together) and namjoon is abit nervous about a new dog in the house since they have rapmon they argument abit then they make up and get a new little doggy , i hope this isent to much to ask and 3cmgoogie. He teaches her how to cook, some of her lessons in school Oct 02, 2021 · taehee’s relationships with bts. 08 Feb 20 · 2,782 notes. Anon asked: Bts reactions to you being his idol gf who every idol wants to date . bts bts reactions bts mtl bts scenarios bts namjoon kim namjoon rapmonster bts rapmonster bts rap mon Nov 22, 2021 · *JK&JM are super close (you know where I stand when it comes to their relationship, but in this case the actual nature of the relationship - romantic or friendship - doesn’t really matter). There's no hate speech on this blog, everyone's welcome! Posted on February 15th 2017 ─ 4 years ago #concentric #bts #female reader #bts series #bts jimin #bts jungkook #bts jeongguk #bts fic #bts fanfic #bts fanfiction #fanstasy!au #fantasy!bts #jimin x reader #jungkook x reader #jeongguk x reader #bts x reader #ot7 x reader #bts ot7 #enemies to lovers #e2l #chim #fluf #bts fluff #bts namjoon #bts rm #bts suga #bts yoongi #bts jin #bts v # Nov 06, 2021 · a softie whose heart will hurt reading angst but may be evil if she writes angst ;) writer. E. This took so loooooongggg, oh my god. Masterlist (Please tell me if any links don’t work, I’ll gladly fix them, and please leave constructive criticism if you have any :)) BTS:Reactions: Your child says they hate them (mild angst) (Admin BTS Reactions: One of the other members dislikes their s/o because of misunderstanding her personality. Jan 04, 2022 · Words of affirmation, his self esteem would sometimes be really low and to feel secure in your relationship he would sometimes need you to express it verbally. Jun 30, 2020 · See more posts like this on Tumblr. You would noticed how sad he was (because he missed you)but you would always try and make him smile/laugh. love [2. Xavier sighed and pulled you against his side. Originally posted by everythingoes. May 12, 2018 · 195. #bts imagines. BTS Masterlist MAIN MASTERLISTDrabbles > Baby Boy vs Cupcake - Jungkook x Male! Reader Texts> Taehyung missing you while he is on tour > Proud BFs of s/o that just debuted - Poly! Jun 04, 2021 · BOTH THE MAIN CHARACTERS HAVE A TOXIC AND UNHEALTHY VIEW OF ROMANTIC RELATIONSHIPS! Not edited. Them seeing you at work. He takes care of her like a mom would. > the wings tour the final > ly : sy in wembley > ly : sy in saudi arabia > ly : sy the final in seoul > mots on:e > ptd online concert. p. Word Count: 3307. Now that Namjoon has put the reputation of BTS on the line with a child conceived, he and the others must now live with their new wives, due to their five year contracts in order to keep the group together and going. at least once. You’re bi and they are jealous of everyone. BTS reaction when their S/O has been hiding the fact that they have a nose ring. Originally posted by sugabtskookie It was raining heavily as you climbed into a taxi having just finished working; you were desperate to go home. While all your friends had gone home with their families to celebrate, or get ready for parties later, the two of you headed to the duck pond to chill and decompress. the fantasy. Oct 15, 2021 · Anonymous said: boyfriend, daddy, husband material BTS? Answer: Thank you for the ask anon😊 “So this is what they strike me as, their unofficial titles in my mind 💁‍♀️ ” BTS (husband, daddy, Jan 26, 2018 · BTS Reaction to (S/O) Not Being Physical in Their Relationship. Yoongi tries to use it as little as possible, but sometimes it’s just stronger than him, so instead of going through all the trouble of sneaking into your phone and risking getting caught, he plays it safe and keeps the app. A square has 4 ends. R SHE WANTS TO HIM nd instead of pleasuring him right way, she edges him so bad that hes a whiny mess, begging to touch him, sit on his face, lick him, anything to easy his pain. Your daughter screamed at him, tears cascading down her face. a/n: only a one more part of enigma 😕. Originally 17) BTS as Taehyung. BTS reaction to you being chubby and going on a diet . Regardless of his feelings, he treated the boy like a man and trusted him that he wouldn’t do anything to hurt his group. BTS reaction to you saying ’ i love you’ for the first time. Incalescence by Melarose - Winterborne Taehyung, Springborne Jungkook, enemies to friends to lovers, college/university AU - Polar opposites fall for each other. It’s time for your honeymoon! You Complete Us + Just Between Us-> Werewolf BTS x assistant!reader . 8K. J-HOPE「If I can go back in time for a day, I want to go back to the day when I was born. [Completed] Sep 25, 2017 · Would be open to the possibility of daiting someone older than them, but would like someone younger, because they would like taking care of someone ,because it made them feel manly and reliable. BTS reaction to you becoming an “easy target” for other guys when drunk. RELATIONSHIP. You raise an eyebrow at him and he can only hold on to his ‘cool’ look for a second before that little boy Jul 02, 2017 · Masterlist We are all time travelers trying to re-create a feeling we once felt or a dream we once had. Jin is like her mom. You wanted to surprise him, come home early from work and spend some quality Sep 30, 2018 · Diss-trackt Me - BTS Social Media AU - 05. My links never work and it hides my ‘read more’ cuts. But a circle of our friendship has no end. I was going to put this up yesterday but shit happened and i couldn’t. Sometimes, life gets overwhelming. Beach Days with Kookie See a recent post on Tumblr from @cunmies about bts. i haven’t been posting much lately i’m sorry :( i’m just going through some personal issues and i was also feeling discouraged to post here (bc of all those problems i had/have w my posts) but i hope i can post more often from now on! Part 2: “BLACK OR WHITE” [Min Yoongi] [Synopsis] Learning the reality of life as a hybrid brutally has left a certain Tiger Hybrid beaten and bitter. He decided that it would be nice to clean up a little around the apartment the two Kim Seokjin. You fall asleep in Jin’s bed after he leaves. Oct 26, 2017 · Originally posted by yoongis--babygirl. chibigrind1080 liked this. Requested: This was a request I had on wattpad 🌸. Let’s start from the beginning of the tale. If you get 10 you’re popular. BTS: Their Short S/O Wearing Their Clothes. BTS Bug Reactions 150825. The entire day yesterday, the both of you were very irritated. SEOKHEE (SEOKJIN + TAEHEE) : a mother daughter duo. summary: You’ve been aspiring to be Basically, don’t convert all the yellow tones to pink. ‘Hey beautiful’. home content list ask me anything! support me! BTS TOUR CONCERT LIVE. 2 Final member Shatter Me Trailer Last Kim Seokjin. Oct 01, 2016 · BTS Reaction to Their S/O Having a Mental Breakdown (about something that includes them) Jin: When you had reacted negatively to Jin being open about your relationship to the reporters, he was bts reaction on your birthday. BTS reaction to being in love with someone who has a crush on another member. 6 Ch. a. black-john-lennon liked this. Aug 09, 2019 · Yandere!BTS Reaction ⇁ First Kiss. Dec 20, 2017 · BTS Reaction Drunk in love Warnings: Heavy mention of alcohol consumption, Swearing. tear: [noun] a drop of clear salty liquid secreted from glands in a person’s eye when they cry bts headcanon - how they show love to their s/oa/n: here you go honey, i decided to do about what i think their love language is, feels more realistic, idk. “ HOME ” is the song acknowledged as being dedicated to ARMY. Despite that he knows that you’re old enough to take care of yourself, he would definitely mother both of you and want to help take care of the baby. I. #bts scenarios #bts reactions #bts imagines #bts imagine #bts x reader #kim seokjin #kim namjoon #kim taehyung #kim taehyung x reader #min yoongi #min yoongi x reader #park jimin #park jimin x reader #jeon jungkook #jeon jungkook x reader More you might like Dec 23, 2017 · RM/Namjoon: Let’s say that Namjoon wasn’t expecting this at all. “ This is the part where you Jul 24, 2021 · When Dispatch Reveals Your Relationship ~ BTS Reaction Jin: “The article is rubbish anyway,” Jin groaned as he threw his phone down onto the sofa, “at least respect us enough to put a good quality Oct 15, 2021 · Anonymous said: boyfriend, daddy, husband material BTS? Answer: Thank you for the ask anon😊 “So this is what they strike me as, their unofficial titles in my mind 💁‍♀️ ” BTS (husband, daddy, bts reacts! | s. Sep 14, 2018 · BTS HC: secret relationship Request: “reaction 4 secret relationship each bts member plz” Notes at the end! Happy imagining! BTS Headcanon Masterlist RM• winks from across the room • which are more Hello, we are PURPLE ARMY NET. “I heard everything Y/N, if there’s such a fucking problem, leave,” Yoongi says. WAIT WAIT SUB YANDERE THAT LETS READER HANDCUFF HIM AND DO W. BTS react to you approaching them and asking them out on a date. "I'm the one I should love in this world, shining me, my precious soul, I finally realised, so I love me". a softie whose heart will hurt reading angst but may be evil if she writes angst ;) writer. If you pay attention to jk if in any interviews in the future that bts have, if some of the questions are abt love, either he will look down, scratch his head, are smile but a bit shy. bts reaction to you saying that you don’t have a dream. Prev - Masterlist - Next. and nct that it’s almost funny; jin is my ultimate bias ( give me that domestic action ) but yoongi you can hmu if you want some A Brilliant List Personal Favorites & Ones I’m extremely proud of (lol): 150725. He would probably even enjoy that you could be as childish and stubborn as him from time to time. Originally posted by charrytommoto. and before he met OC, he just kept up with his facade of being perfect and fulfilling everyone’s expectations. It would just really show how much he cares. Awww really you both would be so cute :D. Jan 25, 2016 · The Tumblr app drives me crazy. cuddling wouldn’t be complete without min holly, yoongi’s dog, getting in your way… . Dec 14, 2018 · Namjoon - he appears to me as a very confident person when it comes to relationships. iambecomesex liked this. too busy (social media au) 「good for you」 y/n x solo artist taehyung part 11 masterlist i have no idea when im going to end this lol ・ Yandere!BTS: Punishing Their S/O A/N: You guys are so lucky, this was almost a hyung line-only reaction but ya author couldn’t figure out one of the members so they ended up doing the entire group. bts might be my bias group, but i’m honestly such a slut for stray kids, exo, monsta x, twice, seventeen, blackpink, b. Even more surprising, you accept it. However, Jin would probably be very protective and take extra care of you, making sure you feel good being around him. p bts cnblue monsta_x vixx ~ neck kisses. Even if it was an accident. When you meet your bias from Got7/SVT. He was off, and you went to work. with tht being said plz enjoy. May 29, 2018 · look at all of these tears I’ve wept, look at all the promises that I’ve kept, I put my heart into your hands, here’s my soul to keep, I let you in with all that I can. S: I just started my writing blog and English is not my first language. 5 - BONUS SUMMARY: Soulmates are a common thing. There were a few of those from anonymous users and I didn’t include all of your messages here but please know I went through all of your messages and saw each one you sent me. Them finding out you’re 20. School year is starting soon for me, so I wish you all the best in studies, academic pursuits, etc. However, as full of cruelty the world can be, it is also full of love, and it is impossible for this broken hybrid to avoid the unique kindness of a bold woman…. Words: 4. "Past the end of this cold winter, Until the days of spring, Until the days flowers bloom again, Please stay a little longer, Please stay". He may hesitate before saying this not wanting to sound like he wants to control you. list | request rules. kookie-lover25 liked this. 18) When their crush freaks out over the rough one star wars trailer. Jul 18, 2018 · speak yourself. Junkook. Jin lives in a fantasy where he is a prince and you are his prince (ss). "Some days the flowers will wither but today’s not the day. Worldwide Handsome, you knew this, you knew this so well but it didn’t bother you. " Sep 10, 2015 · Hi, all! For anyone who doesn’t know me and potentially ones who would recognize me, I’m @sealegs2414 ~ *waves*. Jin - 04/12/92 Sun - Sagittarius Moon - Aries Mercury - Scorpio Venus - Capricorn Mars - Cancer Jupiter - Libra Saturn - Aquarius Uranus - Capricorn May 10, 2017 · BTS Reaction To Idol!S/O Being Angry About Their Leaked Relationship. being a loving, concerned s/o you check up on jimin to see if he’s okay only to be messaging a very angry jimin who say’s some harsh words in the moment and just want’s to be left alone. BTS In Bed. Discover more posts about run bts, bangtan, jhope, namjoon, seokjin, taehyung, and bts. “Tear” is said to have been written for the members of BTS themselves when they were considering disbandment. [cr. #bts reaction. Relationship with BTS. infiresyg93 liked this. Let’s start with V. BTS Tarot Valentines Day Special: MOONCHILD 🌙 12. T and thank you I’m so glad to hear you liked my newest fic :ooo. Mainly Yoonmin and Taekook. when you and yoongi fall out, min holly’s on Sep 30, 2021 · Pinned Post bts x reader bts smut bangtan sonyeondan jin imagine namjoon imagine yoongi imagine hobi imagine jimin imagine taehyung imagine jungkook imagine bts yandere bts drabble bts angst bts fluff bts fanfic jungkook oneshot taehyung oneshot jimin oneshot yoongi one shot namjoon one shot jin one shot hoseok one shot ot7 smut bangtan fanfic bts bangtan sonyeondan inncorrect quotes incorrect bts quotes hoseok jimin taehyung yoongi jungkook this is one of my all time favourite quotes lmao source: tumblr yoonseok sope 181 notes Feb 10th, 2020 tainted // pjmafter going public with their relationship, everyone is amused as jimin isn’t exactly what they had in mind for a girl that is practically an angel. Him waking you up with kisses, songs, hugs or morning sex. You thought you knew that…. Sorry it took me so long to answer ~Admin B. 215. nervouskiwi liked this. hope yall don’t mind. reblog, like if you save or use. Posted on 3 years ago. Oct 01, 2016 · BTS Reaction to You Getting Hurt Because of a Jealous Fan. Whenever she feels like she needs advice, Seokjin is the first person she goes to. Being apart of the camera crew and they notice you. Jan 27, 2020 · Yoonmi’s Relationships With BTS. 2pm b. BTS content archive. #enigma hxneysuga #bts #bts text au #bts fake texts #bts texts #bts fanfic #bts fanfiction #bts masterlist #bts scenario #bts series #bts relationship #bts boyfriend #bts roommate #bts college au #bts fluff More you might like Sep 26, 2020 · the notes bts pdf the notes 2 novel BU bangtan universe hyyh hyyh notes love yourself 2020 kpop storyline jimin jungkook V Namjoon Yoongi Hoseok Jin time travelling 51 notes 26 September, 2020 Feb 01, 2018 · BTS Reactions: Mafia!AU ↴You’re In Danger (Hyung Line) a/n: this is the hyung line, i’m already working on the maknae line and it should be posted later on today! i hope you all enjoy! :) genre: BTS reacts to someone being in a toxic relationship pt 2. The maknae wasn’t a kid anymore and being with you was the most important thing for him. 8 Ch. Jan 26, 2021 · The 10th house is the highest area of Jimin’s chart, which rules over his public image and career life. 1 Ch. # bts masterlist # bts smut # bts angst # bts fluff # bts series # bts one shot # bts scenarios. When rain ruins the end of a night out, help comes from an unexpected corner. bts reaction as a jealous boyfriend when they see you talking to a different guy. Warning: Mentions of Toxic Relationships; Mentions of Angry Boyfriends; Just an all around rough Reaction; Read with Caution. 2 Who did you just meet? Pt. )THE BANGTAN MYTH, I. Jk is that type of boyfriend/husband will stand in a corner and look at his girl. *Please remember that this is a mafia fan fiction. Apr 24 2020 1k notes. BTS Reaction | being in a long distance relationship and you surprise them with a visit . Both of your family supported your relationship the last people of whom you wanted the support was Army and that was the most nerve-racking for both of you. This Town : Micky. taeyangrainsofsunshine liked this. Everyone has one. BTS Reaction - He’s jealous of s/o’s relationship with another member. WEBTOON x BTS. Scenarios. pt/br - eng requests: closed. Jeon Jung-kook Soulmate reading. 4k] ♡ the one where you helping his friend makes Minho realize how much he loves you. ”. Thanks to you guys, I think we’re promoting really happily. They would scream abuse at me and make me feel like shit. a/n: here you go boo. Jun 04, 2021 · BOTH THE MAIN CHARACTERS HAVE A TOXIC AND UNHEALTHY VIEW OF ROMANTIC RELATIONSHIPS! Not edited. Jin:He’s always been a happy drunk. harness [2. once again, there might be some pairings i’ll miss out on and its not in particular order. Feb 04, 2017 · Henlo!! Thank you!! For your feedback!! It always warms my heart when people like my works so much As for uploading again ice queen is still ongoing 嵐 but idk when i will update it, cause i kinda fell outta fandom for a couple of years now… other than that, idk if i will post anything new, i dont even think i know enough about bts nowadays to actually write about their characters. 3cmgoogie. bts reaction: they see you with another guy ♡. He had so many reasons. And they enjoyed their food together. » iii. I woke up crying from a nightmare & reading the BTS reaction to their s/o waking up from a nightmare calmed me down. take pride in their positions . namuspromised] Reblog - 3 weeks ago on Dec 30 2021 - via lyseries with 218 notes. You try to focus on the mostly-warm bottle of soda in front of you, but even with your back turned you can feel his eyes on you. Feb 04, 2018 · The boot pops open and he pulls out a long, sleek, black dress wrapped in a plastic cover. RM is one member of BTS who has admitted to having a girlfriend. Warning: Mention of an accident, stalking and manipulation. army. Jeon Jungkook • Knew you were watching • Gave you the chance to run • Thought you were crazy for asking if his eyes were okay • Argued with you in the car about it • Mar 08, 2017 · BTS Reaction To Dating An Idol. 9 Ch. Jan 05, 2020 · Arranged Marriage. Maknea Line. Love Story : Sarah Cothran. . You were packing your bags, planning to leave you seven boyfriends before they got home, but when they get there early, you’re forced to witness their heartbreak, as well as prolong yours. Dec 25, 2021 · He did have some deep, like fucking deep conversation with some of Bts members. BTS: Being Soft. hopekook layout hopekook pack hopekook icon hopekook header hopekook koobi layout koobi pack koobi jhope layout jhope pack hoseok layout hoseok pack hoseok icon hoseok header hoseok banana fish layout hopekook naruto layout anime layout naruto layout banana fish layout. Please support us and other fellow BTS content creators by tagging your great original edits, fanfics, graphics, imagines, layout packs, fanart, gifs and all other original BTS content with #purplearmynet and following @purplearmynet. p bts cnblue monsta x vixx ~ they have a nightmare. May 02, 2019 · Genre: Poly!AU; Angst. bts reaction: s/o begging to be choked ☾ ♕. V. 1 year ago on June 30, 2020 at 11 BTS MASTERPOSTOT7 MASTERPOSTBTS ALTERNATE UNIVERSE MASTERPOSTBTS MULTIFANDOM X READER MASTERPOSTKim Seokjin MasterpostMin Yoongi MasterpostJung Hoseok MasterpostKim Namjoon MasterpostPark Jimin I love 7 boys. 2 Ch. neat freaks. You’re not hard to reach, and you’ve blessed me with the best gift that I’ve ever known. Aug 15, 2020 · Pairing: OT7xReader, Jungkook x Reader, soon Jimin x Reader x Jungkook; rest will come in the course of the story. home inbox archive M. And he would be like that in bed too. Once in a while, the entire group will go out to a club or a party to blow off some steam, but those occasions are few and far between. 》 Park Jimin doesn’t often get release. BTS Moodboards; Taehyung Green/White Aesthetics. Sep 27, 2018 · Diss-trackt Me - BTS Social Media AU - 02. Extraversion traits include talking out loud about a problem in hopes of resolving it Oct 26, 2017 · Originally posted by yoongis--babygirl. Warnings: depictions of violence, smut, death, sexual assault, insecurities, anxiety, polyamory, trauma, mentions of blood, yandere depiction. I Welcome to imagine-bts, a scenario blog dedicated to the group, Bangtan Boys. fakhrose liked this. BTS reaction on your parents disproving your relationship. puppy loving ⏤ fluff; 1. “ohhh, (Y/N) is tired) Originally posted by kkuks. Aug 03, 2018 · See more posts like this on Tumblr. Summary: Taehyung didn’t expect to find love right away… you were god sent, the angel that saved his life. Making breakfast while singing along to some Rap song with Suga. Jin: INTP. It is an open tag which you can use without any membership. BTS Reaction To You Crying After Eating Super Spicy Kimchi Dec 30, 2021 · Hiya! I think you’ve got me confused for Shea from @minniejeon and @shealezz (tumblr and ao3). . He would be astounded at first that your younger than him but not mind at all as you are already in legal age. The two of you were still in your silk graduation robes from the ceremony earlier. Originally posted by myloveseokjin. Anonymous said:Bts reaction please when you’re married while having sex you’re 3 year old son came in and ask what you are doing xD Thank you for requesting love I had lots of fun. Lol. u may also tell me ur opinions. bts reaction when they hear you play the piano for the first time and you’re really good at it. A. You knew how to handle your families but the fans that were Nov 09, 2018 · BTS Reaction-Facetime with Taehyung 💑. His cheeks and neck dusted a rosy tint along with the tip of his ears as he May 29, 2017 · BTS reaction when their girlfriend kisses their neck. PASSION Jun 08, 2015 · ♥ Long distance relationship? Acceptable/ unacceptable. slow hands slowly pushed the hem of your tshirt higher and higher and jin gripped onto your hips. Could you do a reaction when Bts kiss their girlfriends neck or when she is mad and they took her over their shoulder Warnings: mostly fluff, a strangely high amount of angst,a little smut ig, this got stupid long for what it is. BTS reaction to hearing their gf curse for the BTS Reaction | having your first big fight with them. LIST KOFI about me credit. p bts cnblue monsta x vixx ~ as cops. BTS reaction: you are a trainee and they don’t support you at first. Jul 17, 2019 · BTS: You ask them for a hug and start crying. No, ok. l have a lot of stairs in front of me to learn as I aspire to be a better writer. hopekook x anime layouts. This boy keeps a specific app that basically mirrors everything that goes on your phone. amarssfanfic liked this. Jin. BTS Reaction To… Y/N wearing glasses while studying ; MTLs OPEN (Oldest to Latest) BTS MTL Likely… To be kinky; BTS MTL Likely… bts might be my bias group, but i’m honestly such a slut for stray kids, exo, monsta x, twice, seventeen, blackpink, b. You had met many people along your travels to various countries, but none of them were as perfect as Jin. btswallpaper. You’d look at his face, in his eyes for some sign of regret, but instead, you’d find anger bursting at the seams. # OurARMYSWonAnAward. -Spice. But don't be afraid to ask for other groups if I can't I'll tell you. #bts #taekook #vkook #taehyung #v #jungkook #hickey #airport #bangtan Okay so like, in Bon voyage Season 1 behind cam 8, Taekook were literally cuddling on camera. 2k — warnings: fights, insecurities thrown in the mix (don’t worry, it’s a happy ending) What was worse than seeing your tears was knowing that the tears were because of them. Aug 03, 2018 · BTS Masterlist Preference Cancer survivor 8th Member“Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 ” Kim Namjoon “Secret Relationship Exposed Relationship ” Kim SeokjinPick Up Line Min too busy (social media au) 「don’t get caught」 y/n x solo artist taehyung part 17 masterlist comeback is coming soon omg omg omg ・ rejection hotline (social media au) 「sighs in disappointment」 y/n x hoseok. You’re his inspiration, and he wouldn’t bear Mar 23, 2019 · 1. 1st Japan Tour 2015 Wake Up: Open Your Eyes. Seokjin would never force you to kiss him, no, he would trick you into it